following up

>> As a followup to this post, I heard Eminem on the radio the other day and practically licked the radio.

>> As a followup to this post, there has since been a poop elephant and a poop turkey to accompany the poop whale. Someday I’ll post a collage of our poop menagerie. 

Also, Young House Love put a link to that post on their blog yesterday, making the story of the poop whale my most viewed post ever. This traffic surge knocked this out of the top spot, a post in which I mentioned Kristin Chenowith. It’s not a particularly special post, it just gets hits when people search for Kristin Chenowith feet. People are… interesting. & thanks to YHL for the shout out! 
>> As a followup to this post, the other day, my cashier at Trader Joe’s cheerily sang “OOOOOKIE DOKIE” to the tune of “HAAAALLLELUJAH!”

>> As a followup to this post, my rectum is still amazing.

5 thoughts on “following up

  1. Trader Joe's cashier saying OKIE-DOKIE doesn't seem real shocking. There's something about that store that's lovely. People just are excited to work there, or something. It's interesting, that's for sure!


  2. Isn't that the truth! I wish that there was a Trader Joe's on the island where I am stuck for the next.. year and a half.. :-/ It would change everything. But, I would want Trader Joe's prices and products! 🙂 haha


  3. I appreciate the closure on these issues… and I love my Trader Joe's cashiers. If I'm feeling a little lonely working from home, I can just go there and have a lovely conversation with someone over my purchase of delicious and inexpensive cheeses and wines.


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