A typical conversation in our house:

Me: LOOK! A BUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Y: You are almost thirty.


7 thoughts on “typical

  1. I had a nearly 30 minute conversation with my boss about the fact that a bunny is not in fact a baby rabbit. For the record, they are called kits or kittens. I don't think she was convinced no matter what the internet said.


  2. True story. This conversation happened in the car last night. The passengers? My 21-year-old brother, my mom, and myself:

    Me: Oh, I need to tell you something before you drop me off.
    Bro: Okay.
    Me: You need to be careful on my street.
    Mom: Is there more construction?
    Me: No, but there's been a lot of bunnies out lately.

    Mom/Bro in Unison: SERIOUSLY?!?! You're warning us about bunnies??!

    You are not alone, friend.


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