i’ll miss you… house

One of the first weeks we lived here, Y was already in the midst of nonstop studying and I had no job and no friends. I was having an ongoing pity party for myself — here I was, alone in our new house, the only one home on my entire street except for the 16 neighborhood cats. I was acutely aware of the fact that I was not contributing to society while my husband was off with his 120 new friends learning how to do Super Important Things.

One day I was doing the dishes on a creepy, rainy day. It was eerily quiet in my house (we didn’t have Ike yet) and, like I said, I was mid-pity party. I was scrubbing a dish, gazing mindlessly out the window, when — out of nowhere – a cat flew through the air and landed, stomach first, on our window directly in front of me.

If you recall, I have a dire and tragic condition called Jumping Frenchmen of Maine Syndrome. I’m also not a fan of cats. I screamed, fell to the dated tile kitchen floor, and burst into tears. How had I ended up in a place with ugly tile and flying cats, my two worst nightmares?

But then I got a job,  found a guard dog and gained the cats’ respect, and eventually, made some friends. And suddenly, my house was my favorite place in the world. The perfect place for a game night, a royal wedding tea party (side note: can you believe it’s been a year?), or watching the first three seasons of 30 Rock in bed while eating Mickey Mouse shaped pasta. (best. day. ever.)

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about me

A few weeks ago I did something that still makes me cringe.

I had a job interview via video chat. (Above, I’m making my I hope this isn’t too awkward face/admiring the awesome thing I somehow managed to make my hair do.)

The first thing I was asked: Tell me a little about yourself.

The first thing I said — and this is the cringey part — Well, my husband is in medical school.

That was the first thing I said. About myself.

Anything would have been better than that, right? I sometimes call my dog Stinkerton McDoodleface.. I learned how to burp on command when I was 11. I eat a peanut butter and banana sandwich every day for lunch. My dream karaoke song is “Kiss From a Rose”. I have a birthmark on my knee and one directly behind it on the back of my knee, and when I was little I thought it had bled through. 

We live in a city that feels smaller than it really is. The city is saturated with people in the medical field, and when anyone I meet hears that I’m married to a medical student, they want to know more. They want to know everything about him and usually nothing about me, except for the occasional Why aren’t you in med school? 

I’ve gotten used to it. Apparently so used to it that I’ve decided to give in and just skip the small talk about myself and get right to the “good” stuff. 

To be fair to myself, when I led with that tidbit about Y, I was trying to explain why I would be in Minneapolis in the first place. But the fact that I brought it up in that way is so telling, and a great reminder of why I’m excited for a change – a chance to go somewhere where medicine doesn’t suffocate me, where I can make friends who have absolutely nothing to do with medicine whatsoever.

My faux pas couldn’t have been that bad though, considering I got the job! It must have been the awesome thing I somehow managed to make my hair do.  

on body image and confidence (sort of)

These pictures of Britney Spears in her prime are taped to the mirror in my childhood bedroom. I was a pretty optimistic teenager. Pictures of unrealistic, beautiful celebrities didn’t make me feel bad about my chubby, freckly self. I was sure that one day — with a little hard work and her trainer’s secrets clipped from Seventeen magazine — I would look just as good as Britney Spears.

I was in this bedroom this weekend, and I thought a lot about poor, naive, Teenage D. I laughed to myself that I thought I would ever look as good as Britney.

And then I had an epiphany. At some point, it had happened. There was a time when I looked, dare I say, better than Britney.  

And it took a lot of effort on my part.

I think Teenage D was wise beyond her years.

weekend lessons

01. Instagramming a picture of a Polaroid does not, in fact, cause the world to implode with awesomeness.

02. On a related note, if you want to be the most popular person in any given location, bring a Polaroid camera. 

03. If someone tells you your bangs look like Zooey Deschanel’s, you should pretend they told you everything about you is like Zooey Deschanel and carry a false sense of confidence the entire night.

04. On a related note, singing the best kind of girl is a quirky girl while on public transportation is frowned upon.

05. Starships were meant to fly. If you’re still confused, the Goldmine Saloon will be happy to remind you 437565 times. 

06. If you are officially in your late 20s and feeling slightly not okay with that, a great temporary cure is to stand in the middle of a bar belting out “We Are Young” by Fun at the top of your lungs with five of your friends. You’re welcome.

What did you learn this weekend?

come on down to Minnesota

When I found out that we were moving, I decided to treat this news — like I do all things in life — as if it were  part of The Price is Right. 

Which obviously means that I just won the Minnesota Showcase Showdown! And Y has agreed that we can purchase all of these things! That’s a lie!

poster:  Minneapolis neighborhood poster by Ork
blanket: Pendleton
shoes: Minnetonka mocassins
lotion: J.R. Watkins apothecary (which I didn’t know was a Minnesota company until I came face to face with a wall full of it at the Mall of America)
dvds: don’t think I don’t have a whole blog post planned entitled “we’re going to make it after all”, with the main focus being a picture of me throwing my hat in the air. 
earmuffs: I decided I should buy some kind of ear protection, since people seem to think it’s cold in Minnesota for some reason.
bike: in case you weren’t aware, Minneapolis recently surpassed Portland as the #1 biking city in the United States. 
Twins shirt: Yes, I’m almost 28. Yes, I still sometimes wear Pink clothing. I also like to pretend my life is a cheesy old game show, and I think that’s way weirder. 

I’ll miss you… book club

I’ll miss you, book club. 

Whether we’re discussing the book,



reading our favorite passages aloud (“dickey-bird”, Gabriel Garcia Marquez? GROSS.),

trying on each other’s glasses and laughing hysterically,

eating New York themed food (like frozen hot chocolate and black and white cookies the size of my face),

or wearing flowers in our hair like true senoritas.

photos from To Kill a Mockingbird, If You Have To Cry Go Outside, and Love in the Time of Cholera.

Laura and I weren’t sure we would get any responses when we suggested a book club, let alone 8! I’m definitely going to miss our get togethers, and no one will ever truly replace these girls, but at least now I know more people like to read than I thought.

 We’re discussing MWF Seeking BFF next week (with the author Rachel Bertsche joining us via Skype) and I can’t wait to share!

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