a surprise giveaway!

I’ve mentioned before how much I love giving gifts (however late they may be), and now I want to give one of my readers a little gift. I know I sometimes go weeks without posts or take an insanely long time to respond to your comments, but it makes me so happy that you’ve stuck around to read and that perhaps something I said made you smile or nod your head in agreement. 

One thing I’ve had to explain a lot in my lifetime is that during Chanukah — if my family is feeling generous and ambitious and I happen to be under the age of 10– I receive one present per night for eight. whole. nights. According to the kids I knew growing up, this almost made up for not having a Christmas tree. In that spirit, I’ve put together a surprise package of eight of my favorite things – a little Chanukah experience for one of you. 

(Although, in typical D fashion, I’m late and you won’t get to open one every night. But, you CAN celebrate Accelerated Chanukah, which my dad made up for those busy holiday seasons when we went out of town during Chanukah. Basically it consists of opening up eight presents in one night. It doesn’t suck.) 

All you need to do is be a follower and leave a comment on this post. I’ll pick a winner Tuesday night (the last night of Chanukah)!

For a bonus entry, leave a comment on this post telling Y how hilarious he is. But don’t tell him I told you to do it. Wink, wink. 

PS. I’m pretty sure I deserve some kind of prize for managing to spell Chanukah the exact same way five whole times throughout this post.

(not that my modest existence on the internet should make you feel like I would be compensated for doing this, but I thought you should know that I’m not being compensated. Just a mild case of holiday spirit.)

(Also, fair warning, the gifts are kind of girly, so don’t get too excited if you happen to be male.)


17 thoughts on “a surprise giveaway!

  1. I want in! Happy Hanukkah! And, Colette and others, it's because there is no real English equivalent for the letter the word starts with in Hebrew. H/ch are like the closest approximations.


  2. Also, I've been wanting to make a blog post (one of many I have drafted in my head) about my favorite gifts ever received… and your NOLA poster is def on that imaginary list. Congrats, good gift-giver!


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